Laurie Berkner's The Music in Me Teacher’s Administration Manual For Licensed Teachers

Please refer to this for your first year of being licensed (which begins the day you were licensed). After this initial grace period, the information that is provided in the Teacher Portal will be up to date for you.


Teacher License:

  • You must use your License to begin teaching classes within the first two years of being Licensed in order to maintain your status as a Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me teacher. If you do not begin teaching within this timeframe, you will need to contact the Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me office to renew.
  • Renewing your license may entail submitting a video(s) of you teaching, performing songs, and/or taking a teacher training refresher course online.


Booking Class Sessions

  • Each time you book a session of classes, you must fill out the form called “I Booked A Class!” on TMIM website > Teacher Portal.
  • You will need to fill out this form for EACH session you book - a session is a group of classes of a certain age group, that meets at a specific time and place, for a pre-determined number of weeks (i.e. Fall 2016 Goldfish Meeting on Wednesdays at 10am).


Licensing Fee:

  • There is a 15% per-class Licensing Fee to teach under the banner of Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me is. (class = each time you meet as a group. This is usually 10 or 16 times per semester for each age group.) This is 15% of your gross income from the class. For example, if your class has 5 students and I charge $25/child per 45-minute class for a 16 week semester. With a total income of $2,000 per session, you must pay $300 (15% of $2000) to Two Tomatoes Records for the entire session, and you are free to keep $1700.
  • Payments are due one week after your first scheduled class. You can pay via PayPal, check, or credit card. The information for this is on the form you are required to fill out when you book a class. (This form can be found by clicking the I Booked a Class! button on TMIM website > Teacher Portal)



  • We recommend charging $25-$35/child per class. This suggestion is based on what we have found to be competitive pricing for music classes across the country. What you decide to charge is entirely up to you, but we recommend that you stay within the price range of classes in your area.
  • We recommend collecting payment from each caregiver before, or on, the first day of class for the entire session. You may choose whatever payment method(s) you are willing to accept.



  • For marketing materials please refer to the TMIM Branding and Style Guide, which can be found in the Licensed Teacher Portal, for information on creating graphics, fliers, and other marketing materials.
  • Once you have booked a session, we will add it to The Music in Me website to help promote your class.
  • You are responsible for marketing your class, but if you need additional support, please contact the 2T office and we will do what we can to help.
  • Decide if you will offer trial or promotional classes and schedule these accordingly.


Props and Supplies:

  • Links to purchase props can be found in the Licensed Teacher Portal under "Props and Supplies".  This is for your convenience, you are not required to purchase these through us.
  • Each child/caregiver duo who takes a session is to receive a free download of the songs from that session. You can find these digital files in the Licensed Teacher Portal. You simply need to share the link to the session you are teaching via email with your students/caregivers.
  • Email this link no later than the end of the first week of your session.



  • Decide what to do if you have to miss a class (Will you get a substitute? Schedule make-up classes? etc.)
  • Decide how to best contact your class if you need to cancel (Text? Call? Email?)
  • Decide what to do if students miss a class (Will you offer make-up classes?)
  • Decide what to do if someone wants to drop out of the class (Will you offer refunds? At what point are refunds no longer offered?)
  • How far into the semester will you allow new students to join? (Will you pro-rate the price based on how many classes they take?)


First Day of a Class:

  • Make information sheet to be passed out to your class. We suggest including the following information: You may also want to email this directly to each family.
  • Your contact information
  • The class schedule (start and end dates, class day(s) and time(s))
  • What to do if a student misses a class
  • What will happen if you (the teacher) needs to cancel (chain of communication and make-up information)
  • TMIM website:
  • Make a roster - have each caregiver fill out a form with:
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s birthdate
  • Caregiver’s and parents’ (if different from caregiver) name(s)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Caregiver’s and parents’ email(s)
  • Collect or arrange collection of any unpaid balances.


After Your First Class:

  • Email a copy of your roster to  
  • Fill out the "I booked a Class" form in the Licensed Teacher Portal
  • Email the link for the session’s songs to each family
  • Pay your licensing fee to Two Tomatoes Records by the end of the first week.


While Classes Are Running:

  • Clean and sterilize your props before each class
  • Keep the database updated if your roster changes
  • Email any pictures or fun stories from your class to the Laurie Berkner office ( so we can add to the website and the Facebook page!


Music Parties:

  • We are now offering Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me Music Parties. If you are interested, here are the two ways you can get involved:
  1. You work for Two Tomatoes Records (Laurie’s Office) - We hire you to perform birthday parties in your area that are booked via our website. Two Tomatoes handles the administration for these parties.

    • You can find all the information about the parties on The Music in Me website

    • If you’d like to be added to our Birthday Party Teacher list, please email

  2. You run your own Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me Birthday Party Business - You book the parties yourself, as well as run all administration on your own.

    • You can model these parties off of the information that can be found on The Music in Me website

    • You pay Two Tomatoes Records a 15% Licensing Fee per each party offered under the name of Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me.