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"We are all born with music inside of us - from the beating of our hearts and the melodies of our voices, to the intrinsic rhythm in our movements."

-Laurie Berkner


Not only is Laurie's music a family and crowd pleaser, but there are a vast number of experiences children can have while engaging with her music in Laurie Berkner's The Music in Me: fine and gross motor skills, learning new finger-plays, participating in call and response, and exploring rhythms.


Goldfish classes

12 months to 24 months 

Class goals: 

  • learn fine and gross motor skills
  • engage whole body 
  • social development 
  • learn how to engage with music 
  • progress from sitting in caregivers laps to standing and exploring musical instruments


Dinosaur CLASSES

2 years to 4 years


  • learn to sing along with a group
  • continue social development and communications in group settings
  • learn to listen to music cues 
  • explore their own ideas with music 
  • explore specific rhythm patterns
  • learn to be a leader: grow from caregivers leading movements to children leading movements