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  • Please use the Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me logo when distributing materials (Music in Me_Basic Logo_2015.jpg)


Other graphics:

  • The “Teachers Trained by Laurie Berkner” graphic in addition to the logo on distributed materials. (Teachers Trained by Laurie Berkner graphic.jpg)
  • Any photo of Laurie Berkner that you find in the Press section of the website.
  • The Dinosaurs graphics (dinosaur.png - dinosaur alone with no background, dino.jpg - dinosaur with age group text)
  • The Goldfish graphics (Goldfish.png - goldfish alone with no background, Goldfish.jpg - goldfish with age group text)
  • Please do not use other dinosaur or goldfish pictures.



  • The TMIM logo font is called KG Empire of Dirt (KGEmpireofDirt.ttf). When creating banners, fliers, postcards, or other materials, you may use this font in combination with a standard font like Helvetica. Please do not use Comic Sans.



  • The blue is: 36AEC7
  • The green is: 92BA3D



  • Whenever you are talking about the program, please use the entire title of “Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me” - do not shorten to just “The Music in Me”. Please note the capitalization.


Class Description:

  • We are all born with music inside of us - from the beating of our hearts and the melodies of our voices, to the intrinsic rhythm in our movements. Laurie Berkner’s The Music in Me is a program to capture the natural musicality in every child and open the door to playfulness, joy, and the organic qualities of making music.  
  • Using Laurie Berkner's beloved songs - that inspire children to sing, move and express their feelings - Laurie Berkner’s The Music In Me engages the whole child. Kids will learn about melodies and rhythm by using their voices, bodies, percussion instruments and other props to engage their imaginations.  They will also develop their gross motor and fine motor skills through movement and finger-play, and they will take home songs that you and your child can enjoy singing and acting out together.


Program Description:

  • New music classes designed by children’s music superstar Laurie Berkner and taught by teachers trained by Laurie. The curriculum is based on Laurie's music and classroom philosophy from her 10+ years in the classroom and many more years entertaining children and families alike with her music.


Available for The Following Age Groups:

  • Goldfish (18-24mo)
  • Dinosaurs (2 years to 4 Years)
  • Other Age Groups (You may teach other age groups, but please discuss with Two Tomatoes before offering this option)



    **You may offer this program for children only (i.e. not including caregivers), but please be sure to contact Two Tomatoes to discuss before you offer this.



    "We are all born with music inside of us - from the beating of our hearts and the melodies of our voices, to the intrinsic rhythm in our movements.”
    -Laurie Berkner