Meet Laurie Berkner!

Laurie Berkner, Founder & Creator

Laurie Berkner, Founder & Creator

Before I started focusing on recording albums and working as a performer full time, I was a preschool music specialist. That position was my inspiration to start creating songs for kids that could be used in the classroom. I spent over ten years as the music teacher at Rockefeller University’s Child & Family Center, The West Side YMCA, multiple NYC preschools, and even led my own private children’s music classes. During that time in my work with the kids, I learned an enormous amount about early childhood music education and was inspired to write many of the songs that have become beloved classics.

My career has grown from the many classes, birthday parties and pre-school benefit concerts I have done in the past and I now have the exciting opportunity to perform for families all over the country. I work on numerous projects from writing the music for children’s musicals to developing an animated series on the Sprout network to hosting a radio show about music and food on SiriusXM...and more. I’m grateful to be able to perform in beautiful venues for so many kids and parents, some of whom I actually get to meet after the shows! But I never forget that it’s the connection between each child and the music that is the most important part. No matter where I perform or how large the audience, my goal is always to create a connection with the children through my music.

For some years now I’ve been asked to create a “Me and My Grownup” type music program based on my music and my classroom philosophy and it’s finally here. I’m so excited to be sharing “The Music in Me” with you!
— Laurie Berkner, Founder and Creator

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